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All you need to know about our Cold Water Swimming Workshop Adventure

Join us for our first cold water swimming workshop, introducing swimmers to colder water temperatures and wilder environments. In an exceptional natural site, Love2Stay offers you chemical-free swimming in our natural bio swimming pool and lake.  Love2Stay's natural swimming pool is Shropshire's first public, human-made, natural outdoor swimming pool and is a perfect destination for all cold-water swimming enthusiasts.

Just a few of the benefits of cold-water swimming include:

  • An increased tolerance to stress
  • A boost to self esteem
  • Swimming as a mindfulness exercise
  • Decreased inflammation

Start the session learning about the benefits of cold water swimming, understanding your body when in the water and how it affects you both mentally and physically.

Enjoy the challenge of a cold water swim. Commune with nature while achieving those personal goals, meet like-minded people and experience a whole new world opening up. Coldwater swimming can increase energy levels, nerve endings stand up, and your heart starts racing – it is the best possible way to get a natural high.

Learn all the health & safety aspects of cold & wild water swimming to keep yourself safe and the environment intact, allowing you to take your newly found skills out into nature safely and opening up new adventures.

We will be taking two dips or swims throughout the evening which will include one swim in the natural swimming to ease us into the experience in a very supported and safe environment and one in the natural lake onsite, allowing a more exposed and wild experience. Between swims, we will be explore breathing techniques and be guided through mindfulness breathing exercises designed to help calm and gain control of our actions. We will be discussing safe and practical approaches to cold water swimming, including acclimatisation, body awareness, physiology, safe limits, various water bodies and their differences, weather and recovery.

Workshop will include the following:

  • Guided water entry & exit
  • Acclimatisation
  • Physiology and Psychology around cold water swimming
  • Benefits of cold water swimming
  • Risks and safety around cold water & wild swimming
  • Cold water swimming & networking
  • Guided breathing exercises
  • How to incorporate mindfulness
  • A light but warming meal 

The size of our swimming pool is 15 x 6 metres with a depth of 1.4 metres and a concrete floor. The water is biologically filtered and therefore does not undergo any chemical treatment. You are swimming in naturally filtered water with no chemical treatment or added chlorine. The pool benefits from wheelchair accessible paths and a supported hand rail into the pool.

The lake sits a little further away from the site and benefits from wild plants growing around it and is home to a selection of carp, perch and roach. It has a wooden jetty for entry and exit. It is also regularly tested for its water levels, wild but clean! 

Cold Water Swimming Workshop Adventure Overview

  • Duration

    3.5 hours

  • Meeting Point

    Love2Stay reception

  • Group Size


  • Location

    Love2Stay, Shrewsbury SY5 6QS

  • Minimum Age


  • Supervision


  • Safety Briefing


Customer Reviews

"A good selection of activities for young and old alike. Would especially recommend the Assault Course which was hilarious to watch and my boys absolutely loved it!! Challenging and fun for 8-adult. Thanks to Aiden & Udas for running a brilliant session We made some precious memories today!"
"A fantastic clean and well laid out site. We have had a shot of the water zorbing, paddleboarding, raft building with the excellent Aiden and the boys loved it"
"Our two boys loved the activities including raft building, assault course and kayaking. I must give special to Aiden and Will who really helped make the activities fun for all the children."


  • -Use of outdoor natural pool & lake
  • -Changing rooms and showers
  • -Sun loungers
  • -Full safety briefing
  • -Use of outdoor hot tubs
  • -Parking
  • -A light but warming meal

Not Included

  • - Towels (although they are available to hire at an additional cost)
  • - Wet suits/Dry suits
  • - Swimming goggles
  • - Swimming caps
  • - Neoprene gloves & gloves

Practical Information

  • Necessary:
  • - A few sets of dry, warm clothes (think lots of layers)
  • - Towels
  • - Swimming clothes (Bikini, swimsuits, swim shorts, vests, neoprene suits)
  • - Online ticket
  • Optional:
  • - Woolly hat for whilst in the water
  • - Wetsuit (We would encourage you to try without one)
  • - Neoprene gloves and socks
  • - Swimming cap
  • - Goggles
  • - Plastic bag for your wet swimwear afterwards
  • - Gloves for afterwards