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10 Reasons Why Glamping Is the Perfect Birthday Celebration

Glamping Birthday Parties

Image: Glamping Birthday party at Love2Stay, Shropshire

Whether you're looking for a unique way to mark a 30th birthday celebration or are thinking about a weekend away with your family and friends to mark a 50th, there's no better way to let loose and celebrate than a trip away glamping.

This isn't the typical camping weekend of your childhood – oh no! You can set aside leaky camping tents and tinned beans, and instead opt for a few days of luxury and relaxation amidst the beauty and serenity of the countryside. Glamping is a literal combination of the term "glamorous camping", it's a luxurious way of getting into the great outdoors while keeping the comforts of home in a luxurious 'heated' tent.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 reasons why glamping birthdays are becoming the biggest party trend this year:

1. There's no need to hire an expensive venue!


Image: Luxury Lodge at Love2Stay in Shropshire.

When it comes to throwing a big birthday celebration, one of the first aspects to organise is the venue. Unfortunately, many party locations can only be rented for a few hours at considerable expense. With glamping, however, you can take advantage of the entire resort and the attractions nearby. With nature on your doorstep, you can literally bring your party out into the world and leave behind the confines of a town hall or hotel reception room.

2. You can extend your celebration


Image: Interior Glamping lodge at Love2stay Shropshire.

Likewise, just as a pricey venue limits the time in which you can celebrate to a single evening, glamping allows you to spend the entire weekend indulging yourself. Unlike a trip abroad, which requires heavy planning, expensive flights and hotels, glamping allows you to escape from everyday life and embrace several days of celebration and fun.

3. Take advantage of the great outdoors


Image:  Hot Tub at Love2Stay Glamping Resort, Shropshire.

Glamping offers you the opportunity to leave behind the weekly rat race and take your birthday celebration into a wonderful natural escape. Your guests will never forget the weekend that they got to leave all of their cares behind and focus solely on the excitement of celebrating your milestone birthday.

4. You can choose from a wide range of activities

Zorbing at Love2Stay

Image: Zorbing at Love2Stay, Shropshire.

With glamping, you can customise your birthday weekend to suit whatever you would like to do. You can spend your days celebrating with a glass of champagne in the hot tub or floating in the swimming pool, but you can also catch a flick at the cinema or go out for a group run or sports day. There are unlimited ways to mix and match activities to create your perfect birthday weekend away.

5. An option for every age range

swimming at Love2stay

Image: Swimming at Love2Stay, Shropshire

Glamping is the perfect birthday party option for all kinds of age groups, whether you are catering for adults or young kids. If you have a child celebrating an important birthday, many resorts will let you book them in for a wide range of outdoor and crafting activities to keep them busy and entertained.

6. You can choose a fast or slow-paced weekend

Glamping offers the opportunity for everyone from all backgrounds to find an activity that they enjoy. One partner can opt for fishing while the other enjoys a coffee in the sunshine, or you can both opt for an afternoon biking for miles through the spectacular scenery. Whether a boys' weekend away or an all-girls celebration, there are options for everyone to find the right type and pace of activity.

7. You can combine relaxation with socialising

With a traditional birthday party, you have to opt for a quiet celebration or a big bash, but glamping offers the chance to combine both of these aspects. You can start your morning with meditation or a spa treatment, but then regroup with your partygoers in the evening to enjoy a delicious meal.

8. You can bring your dogs with you

With a trip abroad or a traditional party, there's usually no room for canine family members to come along. With a glamping birthday celebration, however, you can bring them with you to enjoy long countryside walks and participate in the celebrations with the rest of your friends and family.

9. A host of flexible dining options

As a glamping birthday celebration can go on for several days, there are plenty of opportunities to try different cuisines. You can often select one of the many on-site dining options at your resort, or you can choose to try a location nearby or have a low-key meal back at your spot. The choice is endless!

10. Challenge yourself!

Glamping, while offering all of the relaxing and convenient benefits of posh camping, can also provide you with the perfect opportunity to take on a new challenge to mark your birthday. Many resorts offer private options so that you and your friends can take on a new physical challenge or experience a more dramatic day out in the natural world. Either way, you can be sure that your birthday celebration will be unforgettable if you opt for glamping

Glamping Birthday Parties at Love2Stay Glamping Resort

If you're looking to surprise your other half on his or her birthday and want to have a break with a few close friends, well celebrate your birthday Glamping. In the sleepy Shropshire Hills, close to the Welsh border, lies Love2Stay Glamping resort. Twenty-two acres of stunning landscape, luxury lodges along with a fishing lake, outdoor natural swimming pool, gym and an incredible outdoor adventure centre.

We are just minutes from the historic market town of Shrewsbury, and the Welsh border is in striking distance. For enquiries & reservations Call: 01743 583124

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