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10 reasons why you should book a mid-week glamping break

Mid Week Glamping
Mid-week glamping breaks are a great hack if you're looking for a balance between truly immersing yourself in nature, while still retaining your home comforts and making the most of your budget.
Here are 10 reasons why...

1. Enjoy some peace and quiet

So long as you book outside of school holidays, you'll find mid-week glamping stays are quieter. This is ideal if you want to spend more time enjoying the peace and tranquillity of your natural surroundings for bird-spotting or on-site fishing, venture into nearby villages, or you have family members who need a quieter environment.

2. More nights for less!

What's more, glamping mid-week often tends to be more affordable than on weekends which are higher in demand. Not only can you pick up some cheap glamping breaks that are only available mid-week, but you get an extra two nights to enjoy your luxurious accommodation.

3. Perfect for younger or older families

Maybe your children haven't started school yet or they're past that and you want to reconnect the family. Mid-week glamping means you can take advantage of the times other families can't while enjoying accommodation that can suit every age and ability.

4. Enjoy nature without the stress

Set in acres of beautiful landscape, glamping sites are often open year-round, allowing you to enjoy the changing seasons at any time but with a beautiful bed awaiting you instead of a hard, cold and damp floor! Plus, with an extra two nights, you have more time to truly immerse yourself in your surrounds. From the shifting constellations to the activities of bees, birds building nests and the brilliant colours of changing leaves - glamping is ideal for adventurers who want to explore by foot or bike or those who enjoy a relaxed pace sat tending a BBQ or gathering around a firepit.

5. More romantic

Dreamy star-lit skies, the chirps of nature, spa treatments on tap and sumptuous hot tubs you can slink into - glamping is one of the most romantic holidays for couples. Whether you've been together one year or forty, glamping mid-week is a great way to leave the pressures of home and work life behind.

6. Work is a distant memory

When you glamp Monday to Friday, your holiday is bookended by weekends, so you won't still be thinking about the pressures of the week just finished or what's to come. You'll feel like you had enough time to enjoy your glamping experience as well as settle back into home life.

7. Your pick of the facilities

Glamping at weekends may mean you find yourself having to wait to be seated at a restaurant, to book onto an activity or to rent bikes. Avoid all that by having your pick of the facilities on-site at your glamping site when you book mid-week.

8. Perfect with friends

Our work lives can become so busy that we often lose touch with those who have been with us through the highs and lows. Foregoing the usual 9-5 routine and reconnecting on a glamping holiday is ideal for groups of couples and friends to remember what makes you happiest whilst each enjoying your own space in a glamping tent.

9. Beat the traffic

When you glamp mid-week you're less restricted by when you can travel, meaning you'll be able to take a more direct route without encountering rush-hour traffic or take a more scenic route without the pressures of having to get back. That's more time to enjoy in your plush glamping tent.

10. Leave them green with envy

A mid-week glamping break is a surefire way to ruffle some feathers. Take a break from the grind for less while your friends are slumming it, just don't forget to tag them in your selfies!

At Love2Stay, we offer rustic 5-star glamping in Shropshire, allowing you to relax in tranquillity while still offering all the facilities you want on-site. 
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Derek Frank Roberts
7/28/2021 6:54:37 PM
11 months ago
Quite happy in my Wobblebox