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10 Reasons Why You Should Go Glamping This Weekend

 Glamping with hot tubs

Glamping is no longer viewed as a quirky trend. Over the past decade, thousands of Brits have proved that you don’t need to be an outdoor enthusiast to appreciate all the joys of a rural holiday in total comfort.

Going glamping is in tune with changing British holiday habits. Summer 2017 saw a 23.8 per cent increase in Brits planning UK-based holidays, a study by travel marketers Sojern revealed. This is the era of the ‘Staycation’, and glamping is leading the way.

So let’s cut to the chase – why should you go glamping? In this article, we offer ten reasons why glamping can offer such a revitalising break in just a couple of days.

1.       No need to rough it

Glamping interiors

Image Credit: Glamping lodges at Love2Stay Glamping Resort

Glamping has redefined luxury, by taking it outdoors. If you associate camping with soggy clothes, sleepless nights and meals consisting of tinned food; glamping can introduce you to a whole new way of enjoying a rural break. You can end the working week by escaping to the countryside; begin with a long soak in the hot tub, followed by a gourmet meal cooked up with locally sourced ingredients. Wake up in a king size double bed feeling ready for a full day’s activities, or alternatively hit the chill button again! Whether you are staying in a cabin, yurt, treehouse or pod; glamping weekend breaks are where lavish living meets the Great Outdoors.

2.       Family friendly

It can become a struggle to keep the adults of a family occupied, never mind the kids! Your options in between half terms and longer school holidays may seem limited, but glamping offers the perfect opportunity for the children to let off steam while the adults take things at their own pace. Glamping locations are right up to speed with children’s facilities which are fun and engaging. Take the Love2Stay resort in the dreamy Shropshire Hills – this glamping hotspot comes complete with its own Cinedrome, natural children’s play area, adventure zone and junior club. That’s alongside more adult-orientated features such as a yoga and pilates centre and a spa.

3.       Live on location

To fully experience a new environment, why not sleep there? Glamping holidays put you right in the heart of some of the UK’s most interesting locations – from historical homes to castles, and natural features such as lakes and mountains. Skiers can now jump out of bed and onto the piste, while walkers can pack their rucksack and get going, without having to drive, park and find their starting point. It’s a different world from the city break alternative you might be considering this weekend. Glamping stimulates the senses by allowing you to fully immerse yourself in an exciting setting.

4.       Don’t break the bank

The average cost of a European city break for a British couple is around £700, research by Skyscanner revealed. But you don’t need to abandon all sense of how to budget in order to discover somewhere new for a relaxing and entertaining weekend. While glamping is the luxury take on camping, rates often compare favourably with what you can find yourself paying at a city centre hotel. There is also your food to think about – glamping can offer the option of budget-friendly local fare from cafes and local restaurants, or the freedom to self cater in some cases. Then there are the travel costs. Why fork out for flights when the glorious getaway you’ve been craving is much closer to home?

5.       Reduce travel time

Following on from the reason above; as we all know – time is money! The precious window of time between Friday and Sunday evening should be used as wisely as possible for your weekend breaks. That means cutting down on the hours which you spend in a car, train or airplane. The glamping sites which have sprung up around the country give you a great chance of enjoying the ideal rural weekend within two hours of travel time.  Whether you want to rest and recuperate or exercise and adventure – spend more time doing it, and less time on your way there!

6.       Avoid camping calamities

Anyone who has been camping can tell you – things aren’t always simple as they seem. Heading into the wilderness this weekend armed with a tent and sleeping bag might seem like a sound strategy, but throw in some inclement weather, fading light and some irritable companions, and you might find that the whole trip turns sour rather quickly. Glamping allows you to go on an exciting rural adventure which doesn’t require a ‘to bring list’ that is as long as your arm. You don’t have to be an expert, or remember your scouting skills. For a hassle-free rural weekend break, glamping beats camping every time.

7.       A green getaway

Sustainable holidays have increased in popularity, and go hand-in-hand with glamping. Eco enthusiasts can now get closer to nature on a holiday which is more environmentally friendly.  Eco friendly design for glamping resorts uses wood which comes from fast growing and replaceable species of trees, or refurbishes properties which had become derelict. Green energy choices are abundant at glamping hotspots – from solar to wind power. And then there are the sustainable meal choices, which can offer guests menus packed with locally sourced ingredients.

8.       Digital detox

In the modern day, smart phones, and many other forms of digital and automated technology, play a central role in our lives. For many of us, the weekend is about switching off, and that includes our digital devices! A new breed of glamping resort offers the chance to completely disconnect from emails, social media and messaging applications, in a natural environment which is designed to promote peace and tranquility. These wifi free zones are all about finding an inner calm which can be tricky to achieve in the midst of constant notifications. It can be hard to break the habits of the working week, but glamping can help.

9.       Safe and secure

Wallets, keys, smart phones, tablets, expensive pieces of outdoor equipment – these are valuables that we need to be careful with, but in rural settings, it can be difficult to find a reassuring level of security. For all the security features they offer, tents are seldom completely tamper proof – but do you really want to carry all your valuables with you for a whole weekend away? Glamping provides the answer, allowing you to keep your items under lock and key when you need to, giving you the freedom to step out unburdened by all your belongings.

10.   Starry, starry night

When was the last time you took a few minutes to gaze up at the stars at night? Often in life, some of the most memorable moments are the simplest. Going glamping can offer an opportunity to rediscover our connection with the beautiful world around us. Unless we make time to enjoy nature, it can pass us by. So think outside the city, outside the town, and outside the box this weekend!

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