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5 Great reasons to book a mid-week caravan break after lockdown.

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Camping and caravan holidays have proved to be popular options during the coronavirus crisis. Many savvy Britons have already got their holiday dates in the diary, leading to concerns campsites and caravan parks are filling up. For this reason, many caravanners, that can, are opting for mid-week caravan breaks, particularly retirees or child-free couples who don't need to plan around school holidays with flexible remote working options. 

To those in the know, there's no better way to enjoy your caravan or motorhome than on a midweek break. While weekend touring caravan breaks often involve busy sites and a battle through the Friday evening traffic, people taking midweek breaks often have a more relaxed time.

If you're feeling frazzled at work, or your other responsibilities are starting to get you down, then taking a break from everything might be just what the doctor ordered. Midweek breaks give you the chance to hit the pause button, refresh yourself and then head back into the fray feeling revived and raring to go.

So what are the benefits of opting for a midweek break?

Beat the rush

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Taking a caravan break in the middle of the week means that you'll avoid the crowds, particularly during busier times of the year. Caravan sites have spaces available and the facilities are less in demand. If you need an extra hand with anything on site, particularly if you're new to caravanning, then the on-site staff are likely to have a bit more time on their hands to help. If you want to visit local attractions, beauty spots and beaches, there's a good chance you'll have them to yourself. The difference between weekends and midweek breaks is particularly marked in popular areas such as Cornwall and the Lake District. What could be better than relaxing in the early summer sunshine on an idyllic beach with no one else around, or climbing to the top of a usually busy peak and being able to enjoy the view without the crowds? During a midweek break you can enjoy the birdsong.

You pay less

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Caravan and motorhome breaks during the middle of the week usually cost less. This is because touring sites often need to fill their pitches during the week, particularly outside the main holiday season. In June and September, you can still enjoy some great weather, while taking advantage of out-of-season prices during the week. Which might mean you can afford to go away more often. It's not just the sites either, many tourist attractions, historical sites and places to eat and drink have a range of midweek offers to tempt the punters during quieter times. Often venues that are very busy during the weekend have a pleasant buzz during the week, meaning you're not missing out on the atmosphere you'd expect. Everything feels just a little more relaxed.

Avoid the traffic

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Anyone who has travelled anywhere on Friday evening after work, or on a Sunday afternoon into evening, will know just how busy it can be. It sometimes feels like the whole country is heading off somewhere, going home after a weekend away. When you arrive on-site you feel frazzled, and it takes the whole weekend to recover. You leave the site feeling relaxed but by the time you get home you're on edge again.

When you travel in the week, particularly if you avoid the work rush hours, you'll have a lot less traffic to contend with. If you're driving a motorhome or pulling a caravan this can make an awful lot of difference. If you're new to towing, then taking a midweek caravan break makes lots of sense. It can give you valuable experience at handling the caravan when the roads are less busy.

Break up the week

Taking time off during the week can feel particularly luxurious. Monday to Friday can sometimes be a slog, so by taking time off in the week you can reclaim some time for yourself. On a week where you're taking a midweek break you may only end up in work on Monday and Friday. Alternatively, you might be a shift worker who has to work on weekends. In which case, getting away during the week makes perfect sense. If you can spare the time, then a midweek break feels like you're taking back control of your life.

Be the envy of your friends

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In these days of social media, there's nothing quite like sharing your latest adventures. When you go away in the middle of the week you get the chance to flag up what you're doing, the places you're visiting and the adventures you're having while your friends and colleagues are all at work. You might not want to make them envious, but there's something great about enjoying a break while everyone else is having to graft. It's often said that midweek breaks are better for you than weekend breaks because they feel like more of an escape from what you would normally be doing.

Midweek breaks often feel like a totally different experience to a weekend away for all kinds of reasons. Once you've tried one, you'll more than likely be planning the next one before you know it.

Why not sample a midweek break for yourself, and find out exactly what you've been missing?


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