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Bleisure travel: the new way to work and play


For the modern day business professional, travel can be one of the perks of the job. But how many business trips around the world are truly appreciated? Pins in the map can look impressive, but unless they provide the traveller with an experience to remember, do they merely represent time spent in an ‘office away from the office’?

In years to come, it might be a regret to business travellers that they don’t have many tales to tell or impressive photographs to show from the enviable locations which they have visited. That could be one of the reasons for an exciting business travel trend to have emerged in the last few years; bleisure.

In this article, we get to grips with exactly what bleisure means and which benefits it offers, listen to an expert view on bleisure, and ask why glamping holidays at locations such as Love2Stay’s luxury resort are to suited to this style of travel. Read on!

What is bleisure?

Bleisure refers to a trip which is a mix of business and leisure. It could mean a stay which starts with a holiday and ends with business activities, or vice versa – the crucial connotation of bleisure is that it is a form of travel with a dual purpose, which often offers multiple benefits. Bleisure typically stems from the choice of the traveller to add a leisure element to their trip, rather than business activities being added to a holiday.

Respondents to a survey of startup founders and senior executives revealed that 81 per cent have taken trips combining business and leisure, suggesting that the bleisure trend is here to stay. Here is a snapshot of some need-to-know data points:

Bleisure stats

Image: Love2Stay glamping resort. Stats: CBRE Group


Who is the typical bleisure traveller? Anyone from the busy corporate executive to the start-up owner with international ambitions. The key characteristic is somebody who is determined to make the most of their time away - from both a professional and personal standpoint. 

Bleisure benefits – reasons why it’s OK to mix business travel with pleasure

Bleisure makes sense for so many reasons, and is not restricted to a certain type of person or stereotype. On the contrary, the different kinds of people and attitudes which are suited to bleisure are almost as varied as the destinations themselves.  Here we take a look at the many bleisure benefits:

-        Wind down and recover – While business trips abroad can make a welcome change to the norm, they can also be extremely tiring. That’s because of the travelling itself, the preparation time needed for business meetings on the road, and the pressure which can often come with pitching for important business deals. Bleisure offers the opportunity for business travellers to reward themselves with a mini break at the end of a business trip. This gives them some vital time to switch off and relax before heading back to base, where the ‘business treadmill’ will begin again.

-        Charge up – Is there anything worse than arriving for an important business meeting jet-lagged and battling against the clock? Travel has the potential to throw even the most organised business people off track, but it doesn’t have to be like that. A bleisure trip which begins with a relaxing break can give the traveller time to acclimatise to a new country, while seeing some sights and preparing themselves for the task in hand. Enjoying the leisure part of the trip first can also equip you with plenty of material for conversation starters when it comes to meeting your business contacts!

-        ‘Me time’ – For some business people, annual leave is spent enjoying family holidays, which because of paternal responsibilities can turn out to be more exhausting than going to work! Bleisure offers the perfect excuse for a solo getaway which allows the traveller some much needed ‘me time’.  If you are prone to wistful recollections of free and easy backpacking adventures, bleisure can offer a slice of independent travel with only yourself to worry about.

-        Peace and quiet – Have you ever had a day when the office seems like the worst possible place to work? In the busy environment of the typical work space, the day can go by without getting through much of your to do list. That’s why a bleisure trip can provide the perfect opportunity to get that presentation done, or finally complete the document you’ve been putting off for weeks. A tranquil time which involves a few hours at a laptop and even more on the sunbed can actually turn out to be a lot more productive than you might have thought.

-        Conquer the culture – An essential part of doing business with other countries is respecting, and understanding, their culture. But how to do this when you are stranded in an office? Sometimes there is no replacement for living amongst the people themselves and taking a few days out to experience what a country has to offer. Not only can this stand you in good stead when it comes to international business relations, but it also provides an opportunity to enjoy a more rewarding trip.

Bleisure: The expert take

Andy Hoskins, editor of Business Traveller magazine, says that bleisure makes sense for both employees and employers:

“There’s undoubtedly an increase in the number of business travellers adding a couple of days holiday to their trips, as demonstrated by a host of recent surveys. Employers are open to the idea because anything that keeps employees happy and engaged is a good thing for the business. And as an employee, your travel is already covered so paying only for accommodation makes it a cheap break.

“There is one grey area, however – where the employer’s duty of care to the employee begins and ends.”

Is glamping the ultimate bleisure experience?

Glamping with private hot tub

Image: Love2Stay Glamping resort

What makes the perfect bleisure trip? It might be a location which offers the chance to combine relaxation with productivity. Glamping is another 21st Century term which refers to the luxury take on camping – glamping resorts are set in stunning rural locations, with all the comforts associated with a boutique hotel, along with a peacefulness which can be hard to attain in typical urban or beachside holiday destinations

Destinations such as Love2Stay – situated in the magical Shropshire Hills near the Welsh Border – offer business professionals the chance to remove themselves from the daily grind and get in touch with nature. But that doesn’t mean they can’t work as well – as glamping hotspots can offer business people all the connectivity and suitable workspace needed to get things done at their own pace. For designers, writers and those in other types of roles which demand uninterrupted time to think, glamping destinations can be ideal.

If you are ready to experience bleisure for yourself, why not decamp to a luxury lodge at the Love2Stay resort and see how much relaxation and productivity you can fit into a holiday? Tick off a few hours on the computer before discovering the surrounding countryside, unwinding in front of a movie at the Cinedrome, or slipping into a steaming hot tub! Enjoy bleisure at your own pace with Love2Stay.


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