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Caravan Park Etiquette: 8 Things Guaranteed to Cause Controversy

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1. What You’re Allowed to Take

Before you arrive, check with the caravan park to find out what you’re allowed to take. It's incredible how many visitors turn up with prohibited goods like motorised scooters and barbeques.People have even been known to arrive with their four-legged friends at caravan sites with a stringent no-pet rule!When you make your reservation, ask the site team what sort of amenities are available. You don’t want to arrive unprepared only to discover that there’s no site shop and the nearest local store is closed.

2. Park Your Vehicle in the Right Spot

When you're new to caravan holidays, it can be hard to know exactly where to park your car. It’s always best to check because you don't want to irritate other visitors by parking in the wrong spot. Also, parking in the proper location is essential for site safety.

There is no single guideline that applies to all caravan sites, but it’s generally agreed that you should park in the following order: car—caravan—awning. This will maintain a respectable distance between you and your site neighbours. If you’re not sure, check with the site staff who will be happy to advise.

3. Keep Communal Facilities and Areas Clean

Always make sure that you leave the shower cubicles and loos clean for the next user. Dispose of any toilet waste at designated disposal stations and clean the area with the hose provided afterwards.Most sites have excellent laundry facilities so there’s no excuse for doing your washing in the communal bathrooms. When the laundry cycle is finished, remove your clothes from the washer or dryer as soon as you can to free them up for the next person. The same goes for site washing lines.

4. Stay on Your Own Pitch

It’s considered proper caravan park courtesy to avoid walking across another visitor's pitch. If you wouldn’t walk through your neighbour’s garden at home, why would you do it in a caravan park? It’s intrusive and impolite.

If you’re staying at a large park, it can take a couple of days to get your bearings. Try to keep to the roads and paths and ensure that your vehicle and caravan stay within the boundaries and do not intrude onto the adjacent pitch.

5. Watch Noise Levels and Turn Off Lights at Night

Noise is among the most frequently reported complaints in a caravan park. When you live close to others, it’s simply good manners to be sensitive to their needs and keep an eye on how much noise you’re making.

Lots of activities can generate noise, including music, socialising, televisions, generators, and children—and most people will hear some of it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun, it just means you should aim to keep noise levels lower between 10pm and 8am.

At night, it is considered proper caravan park etiquette to switch off any bright lights. If you want to stay outside for the evening, use a lantern or torch.

6. Don’t Let Your Dog Run Wild

Dogs are another controversial topic when discussing caravan holidays and park etiquette. While the site may be pet-friendly, not everyone who visits will feel the same.

So, if you take your dog with you, keep it under control.
Lots of caravan parks have specific rules asking you to keep your dog on a lead, except in selected locations.

For instance, some pet-friendly parks have dog play areas where you can let your dog run free. If you’re not sure and want to take your dog with you, it’s best to check the park's rules first.

This is self-evident but every park will expect you to clean up any dog mess and to dispose of it properly.
Allowing your pet to bark excessively is guaranteed to annoy people. If you know that Fido yaps, avoid leaving him alone for extended periods and carry a portable screen or something similar that you can set up outside. This will prevent him from seeing people strolling by and setting him off barking.

7. Keep Everything Neat and Tidy

Everyone is responsible for keeping the caravan park tidy. After all, nobody wants to spend their holiday sitting next to a pile of old rubbish or clutter, so keep your pitch and any adjacent areas neat and clean.

Before you put any rubbish into the bins provided, wrap it tightly to prevent other people from having to deal with offensive smells. Recycle where possible and, if you smoke, dispose of your cigar or cigarette ends properly.

When you leave, don’t discard broken chairs, unwanted beach mats or punctured inflatable toys on the site. Take them with you and dispose of them properly.

8. Keep Your Eye on the Kids

Most sites in the UK are family-friendly, which means you’re welcome to bring children of all ages. Let your children play and enjoy their holiday but set some boundaries so they don’t get into any mischief.

Your site neighbours won’t look kindly upon children ploughing their bikes into people or playing ball on their pitches.

If your children are very young, take them to a park that is specifically designed for the best caravan holidays for families, with lots of events and play facilities. That will let you relax more too so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Please Respect the Caravan Park Rules

Every caravanner’s golden rule is to tidy up! It only takes a few minutes to get everything spick and span, so please leave the space in the same condition that you found it.Caravan etiquette exists to protect the whole caravanning community and to ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay.

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