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Choosing the perfect touring pitch

Love2stay super touring pitches

Image: Love2Stay Touring site in Shropshire. Fully serviced super pitches

Finding the ideal touring caravan pitches or motorhome pitches is absolutely crucial to making your camping trips getaways to remember. So whether you’re renting your caravan or motorhome, or you’ve just purchased your new pride and joy, it’s important to know how to ensure you find a pitch that’s just right for you.

Here are our top tips to get the best from your touring caravan pitches

Access: Getting in and out in style

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting your outfit set-up ‘just so’ when you arrive at your pitch, but there are lots of things to consider, depending on the size of your set-up, and what you plan to do during your stay.

Big rig versus tiny camper

If you are towing a large touring caravan, you’ll need to make sure you get a pitch that you can confidently manoeuvre onto, free from tight turns and confining hedges or trees. If you’re confident at reversing, that can make the job easier. If you’re up for a bit of physical effort, you can always push your ’van into place by hand. For the gadget fiends, there’s always the option of a motor mover, which effectively turns your caravan into a giant radio-controlled car.

For motorhome owners, pitch access can be a bit easier, but you still need to consider the length, width and height of your vehicle. Small two-person campers will be much more adept at squeezing into tight, cosy pitches than bigger coach built motorhomes.

Hard standing versus grass pitches

In simple terms, there are two types of ground for caravan pitches or motorhome pitches: hardstanding or grass. Hardstanding can be tarmac, gravel or hardcore – basically anything that isn’t grass – and grass, well, explains itself really.

During drier weather in the summer, grass will be fine for any set-up, but if you’ve got a large, heavy motorhome, or if wet weather has softened the ground up, it’s best to go for hardstanding if you can. A grass pitch can be less of an issue for caravans if you tow with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but your overall outfit could be quite heavy, so traction on wet grass or mud could still be a potential problem.

Facilities: convenient or noisy?

When you’re choosing where to pitch up, it’s important to decide how close you want to be to all the site facilities. Are you after a secluded pitch away from all the hustle and bustle? Or do you want a hot shower and washing up facilities close at hand?

Shower and toilet blocks

Ask yourself whether or not you want to be close to the showers, toilets and washing up facilities. If so, great, but do be aware that pitches near to amenity blocks could mean more people walking past or even through your pitch.
So if you’re happy to use your caravan or motorhome’s washing and toilet facilities, think about picking a pitch a bit farther away.

Children’s play areas

Many sites have designated play areas for the kids, which is great as it keeps the little ones happy, and delivers some peace for the adults.

If you have younger kids you might want to deliberately pick a spot close to a play area so you can keep an eye on them. If you’ve got older children you might want to choose to be further away from the hubbub. Of course, you might not have children with you at all. In which case you’ll more than likely choose a pitch as far away from a play area as you can.

The geography of your pitch

Level up

It’s important to find a level pitch. This is not only because you don’t want to be rolling off the bed during the night or finding your spaghetti bolognese sliding into your lap at mealtimes, but also to ensure the fridge works properly and that the shower and sink drain away water effectively. You can use levelling ramps to help you out here, however.

Trees or not?

You may want a pitch beneath trees for a spot of summer shade or protection from the wind, but do be aware that tree roots can cause lumpy, uneven ground, and the quality of the grass underfoot will be poorer than on a less shady spot.

What about the pitches at Love2Stay? 

With a level, gravel base and connections for fresh drinking water and wastewater our super pitches are our premium offering. Choose from a standard super pitch to our premium Isabella super pitches

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