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Delicious Recipes For Your Glamping Break


There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal to get you in a good mood, and that’s doubly so when it comes to creating delicious camping food recipes in the great outdoors. It may be one thing to chuck a few tin cans in a bag to take with you, but it’s quite another thing creating incredible meals that your family will love. If you want to make the most of your culinary skills on your next glamping trip, we’ve got enough recipes to cover the whole week:

Day 1 - Breakfast: breakfast burritos


We’ll ease you in with one of our top easy camping meals for the family that everyone will love. These simple burritos can be stuffed with whatever you fancy, and all you need is some foil and a tortilla wrap to transform basic scrambled eggs, stove-cooked bacon or ham and cheese into a delicious breakfast. Simply stick it in a frying pan, or wrap in foil and place in the oven or on the grill for a filling meal that’ll last you through ‘til lunchtime.

Lunch or dinner: BBQ chicken

Barbecue Chicken

Chicken may seem a risky option for a camping trip, but when it comes to glamping, BBQ chicken is definitely in fashion. Wrap a chicken breast, your choice of veggies, and plenty of BBQ sauce up into a neat parcel and cook on the grill, or stick in the oven to bake. The result? Delicious chicken that can be customised for the fussiest member of the family easily.  

Day 2 - Breakfast: Pancakes


It may seem a little cheaty, but a pancake mix takes up very little space in your luggage and can make an incredible meal with the addition of egg and a little milk. You can even create a mix from scratch at home and bring it with you. Cook in a handy skillet and accessorise with berries for an excellent start to the day.

Dinner: Pre-made spaghetti


Pasta may not be your first thought for dinner on your glamping trip, but if you can plan ahead and pre-cook, spaghetti can be a filling camping food that everyone will enjoy – especially pre-cooked. The secret is to use sauces, veggies, and cheeses to prevent the spaghetti from drying out as it heats through – so use strong foil to make ‘boats’ that can store all that goodness before chucking them on the grill for a few minutes, or use a saucepan to cook it all up from scratch. A zip-lock bag or two will keep that pasta or spaghetti fresh until you decide to get cooking.

Day 3 - Breakfast: Toast


Toast is as easy as can be when it comes to breakfast recipes, but that doesn’t mean it should be understated when it comes to starting your day off on the right foot. Pair with fried eggs and sausages done in a pan for a hearty meal, or opt for sourdough or otherwise highly filling bread with butter and jam for a delicious early morning start.

Lunch or dinner: Grilled skewers and kabobs


If you’re looking for something lighter for dinner, fish is an excellent option. Salmon makes for excellent skewers, or if you’re planning on recreational fishing during your trip, you could even use whatever you catch. A lemon marinade – and lemon slices – is a great fit for fish, and these kabobs can easily be cooked in the oven or grilled on a BBQ for a smokier result when it comes to your choice of glamping meals.

Day 4 - Breakfast: Everything porridge


Porridge is a fantastic way to bring some warmth to those cold mornings and is also endlessly customisable to make it one of the best camping foods for early risers. For a unique sweet take on porridge, why not put aside some marshmallow and chocolate for a sweet treat that’s got a distinctly camping flair?

Lunch or dinner: Grilled pizza


Pizza and grills may not seem a likely combination, but with a few pizza bases or some dough handy, they can be a great way to get a full meal out of a small grill or stovetop. You can opt for the classic flat pizza cooked in a frying pan or skillet, or you can go all-out with calzones. Load up on the cheese, tomato sauce, meat and veggies and you have a filling meal with hardly any mess to deal with at the end. Win-win.

Day 5 - Breakfast: The Full English

 Full english breakfast

You heard us right. There’s nothing like a fried breakfast to get you ready for the last day of your trip, especially if you’re planning on packing up and making your way towards less outdoorsy pastures. A full English is easy in a single container with a good quality skillet or even a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Scramble the eggs, add in your sausages and bacon, and finish off with beans and fried bread for a tasty one-pot breakfast that’ll set you up for the day.

Dinner: Potato scramble

This easy recipe is an excellent glamping option if you fancy going a step above jacket potatoes, but you still want to get that starchy staple into your diet. Scrambles are a great choice because all you need is a pan, sliced potatoes and whatever other ingredients you fancy throwing in. Maybe it’s the remaining eggs from your breakfast or the fish leftover from earlier in the week. We recommend plenty of cheese, some onion and peppers and some butter to create a last-day meal that’s just as special as your glamping trip. 

With a little imagination, a few essentials and some family favourite dishes, you don’t need to limit your glamping holiday to basic foods or eating out every night. These glamping food recipes are an excellent place to start to really eat well when it comes to your next family trip. They are certain to make your glamping experience even more fun!

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