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Glamping for Couples: The Ultimate Romantic Getaway


glamping for couples

For relationships to grow, we need to connect with each other. But during everyday life, there seem to be so many things which get in the way. Besides work, there’s the constant alerts and notifications of social media apps; things to do; people to see; it’s not hard to see how romances can become drowned in our everyday routine.

That’s why planning breaks carefully can be so important – whether you are a new couple getting to know each other, or busy parents wishing to enjoy some treasured time alone.

Glamping offers a chance to relax, explore and reconnect in an enchanting, earthly environment which is brilliant at guarding you against the interruptions of the outside world.

Love2stay glamping

Image: Love2Stay Glamping resort in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Glamping has really caught alight over the past few years, with a survey (Family Travel Report 2017 by FamilyBreakFinder) showing that 31 percent of Brits intended to try it in 2017. It’s a safe bet that many of these keen glampers are couples who want to stay in the UK for a mini break, but want something different from a traditional city visit.

Glamping has enticed couples with its ‘best of both worlds’ selling point. Huddling for warmth in a sleeping bag might be romantic to some, but taking time away in a beautiful rural setting away from the hustle and bustle need not come at the expense of comfort.

Now glamping couples can enjoy king size beds, wood burning stoves and high spec bathrooms, with on-site facilities including restaurants, spas and a cinema.

In this article we have a look at the important elements of a romantic glamping break,  get an expert view on what glamping offers as a holiday option for couples,  run you through a ‘to bring list’ for glamping with your significant other, and throw a spotlight on the rise of the glamping honeymoon. Enjoy!

Which are the ideal glamping ingredients for romantic breaks?

In the past ten years, the range of glamping options has grown exponentially. For couples eyeing the ideal glamping options, there are a few features to look out for:

-          Two’s company, three’s a crowd? – the kind of yurts, lodges and teepees which are designed for two people, and only two people, are available in glamping resorts and this type of accommodation indicates a ‘couple friendly’ glamping experience. A resort with larger cottages accommodating groups upwards of four can indicate a family glamping resort which might detract from the romantic aspect – especially if you left your own kids at home!


-          Nightlife – glamping offers no shortage of activities for couples during the daytime – most resorts will provide you with no shortage of options for a romantic stroll, picnic (weather permitting) or a cycle tour. But where glamping packages do differ is in the evenings. Romantic breaks can be a great chance to let your hair down, so go for glamping sites with pubs and restaurants in the locality, or on-site attractions to keep you entertained.


-          Beds not bunks – it might seem like a no-brainer, but you should note that there is nothing more likely to dampen the romantic mood than arriving at a glamping resort and being directed to dormitory style accommodation. Check that there is ample bedding – many resorts now offer luxurious king size beds with ergonomically engineered foam mattresses.


-          Wood burning stoves – too few of us are able to enjoy the comforting glow of a wood burning stove at home. Either as a winter warmer or welcome side attraction on those long summer nights, a wood burning stove can make for a fantastic feature during your glamping break. The natural warmth will draw you in, and provide a comforting backdrop for a few drinks chats and cuddles, long into the evening.

The expert take

As Editor of Wired for Adventure magazine, Rob Slade has seen the rise of glamping over the past decade first hand. Here he told Love2Stay why glamping has become such a popular holiday idea for couples:

Rob said: “I think that often in a couple you'll have one of the two who is more into the outdoors than the other. So glamping enables both parties to be happy, as it's a nice compromise. 

“Of course, people also view it as incredibly romantic, which is why some couples now use glamping on honeymoons. There are fewer people around, stunning views and cosy accommodation options with romantic extras such as hot tubs. It's the sort of thing you see sometimes in films, only now couples can have a slice of that through glamping. People can get out into nature, enjoy the outdoors and then at the end of the day they can return to their dreamy accommodation, use a hot tub and chill by a wood burner. “

Glamping for couples – what you should bring

All booked up and ready to go? Not so fast. There are some suggestions for ‘bringalongs’ which couples should not neglect on their glamping breaks.

-          Picnic blanket and hamper – OK so you might not want to bother for the colder half of the year, but the taking advantage of anything approaching picnic weather in the UK gives you a chance to ditch the microwave and enjoy some wonderful fresh food together while breathing the fresh country air.

-          Sun cream – as above, make sure you reap the rewards of the more hospitable weather and go prepared to embrace the rays. That means taking precautions to avoid the sunburn which could mean a sore end to your trip. Take the chance to dote on your partner by rubbing in their sun cream for them. 

-          Travel candle - a travel candle offers that wonderful combination of practicality and purpose. Not only will you have a romantic mode of low-level lighting whenever you choose, but you also safeguard against power cuts!

-          First aid kit – we all want a break to go without a hitch, but don’t forget a first aid kit, particularly if you are a pair of adventurers. It won’t take up a lot of space in your bags, but it will give you valuable back up should an accident occur.

-          Swimwear – another weather dependent item – or is it? Some glamping resorts now come complete with their own indoor pool, and others offer pools containing completely natural, chemical free water. Whether you are a long-term couple who rarely gets the chance to enjoy a splash around in between overseas trips, or are in a new fling and wish to dive in for the first time, bring your swim kit! Glam

-          Silk rose petals – ready to start romancing? Little touches such as showering your bed with rose petals (when your partner is out of the room, of course) aren’t just for Valentine's day. They can make for a smouldering addition to your secret hideout.

The rise of the glamping honeymoon

It might be said that the ultimate romantic break is the honeymoon, so maybe it is no surprise that glamping resorts are going the extra mile to offer the ultimate rural post-wedding getaway. It is certainly the high end of the glamping market which has jumped on the honeymoon trend, offering the kind of luxury fittings in accommodation which wouldn’t look out of place in a four to five-star hotel.

Love2stay Glamping

Image: Love2Stay Glamping resort in Shropshire.

This is a global phenomenon, with North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America all getting in on the act. While couples in love with the UK’s countryside have some brilliant honeymoon glamping options - including Love2Stay’s resort of luxury lodges in the Shropshire hills which roll up to the Welsh border – there is also a plethora of overseas options for those with more time on their hands.

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Image credit: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Luxury tents in Thailand’s ‘Golden Triangle’ offer honeymooners outdoor rain showers, hammered copper hot tubs and elegant furnishings. At a private camp in Zimbabwe, newly married couples are reliving the golden age of the safari, within touch of attractions such as the Victoria Falls and bungee jumping sites.  In the US state of Montana, glamping accommodations are spread out over a huge acreage, giving couples the ultimate breathing space.

The Yellowstone Collective Retreat

Photos courtesy The Yellowstone Collective Retreat

It is clear now, more than ever, that glamping is giving newlyweds an experience which is the perfect antidote to the manic period leading up to and including their wedding day. If you are going for a getaway, why not go further than ever before?


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