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Great Activities for Family Glamping

Great Activities for Family Glamping

Ever wondered how a supposedly relaxing family break can cause tensions to rise? Holidays are a great opportunity to do things as a family... so do them! Staying active with fun and adventurous recreations can be one of the keys to a harmonious family trip which is enjoyed as much by the adults as the little ones.

 Glamping offers the perfect mix of outdoor activities and luxurious accommodation for relaxation, making both the day time and evenings a pleasure. Here we look at some top family activity options on glamping breaks in the UK, and ask an expert which pursuits are most popular with families. Read on!...

Great family glamping activities


Zorbing in Shropshire

Image: Zorbing at Love2Stay Glamping resort in Shropshire

Glamping proves that you don’t have to stay at a beach hotel to enjoy all the fun the water has to offer. You can find glamping resorts next to lakes, rivers and the ocean; offering families plenty of opportunities to make a splash in a safe and supervised environment. We’re talking about kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and even white water rafting!

The watersports on offer within close proximity to UK glamping sites make a fantastic family option. Who will take to an activity ‘like a duck to water’? That’s part of the fun... when you are all new to something, there is no knowing whether the adults or the kids will perform better! Aquatic activities can be a great leveller which brings families together in the water.

Learn some local history

Ludlow Castle

Image: Ludlow Castle Shropshire

History can be just as fascinating for children as it is for adults, giving us the chance to imagine bygone eras brought to life by the attractions and artifacts which are still preserved today. In the UK alone, glamping resorts put us within a convenient distance to some of the country’s most captivating castles, superb stately homes and mesmerising museums.

And you don’t need to worry about being a historian in order to lead your family group. Most historical attractions offer guides who are there to educate and entertain, offering insights to the adults while understanding how to get the kids on board, too. A visit to a historical site on a morning or afternoon can be an ideal way to break up the day; combined with a more energetic activity to leave you satisfied that you have learnt, and accomplished, a lot.

Love2Stay resort in the Shropshire Hills is situated close to Ludlow Castle overlooking the town of Shrewsbury; an 11th Century fortress which has been lived in by Kings, Queens and nobility.


Cycling at Love2Stay Glamping resort

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic or gym guru to enjoy a day on the bike. Bicycling tours are a stimulating and healthy way to explore the area around your glamping resort. Children over a certain age need no invitation to jump on a bike, while as an adult, you have the advantage of being able to control the pace to suit your own endurance levels!

Research the bicycling routes located in your glamping destination ahead of your holiday, and ask one of the staff members at your resort for tips on some of the best landmarks to check out before you take to the saddle. Bicycling can be energy sapping, so ensure you head off fully armed with all manner of snacks and treats to keep spirits high within your group.

Safety must be a priority. If your children have not yet taken a bicycle proficiency course which has taught them how to ride on roads, consider sticking to paths or bike lanes which mean you don’t need to worry about sharing lanes with motorised vehicles.

Wildlife spotting

Deer `Attingham park

Image: Deer Spotting Attingham park Shrewsbury

A essential element of the glamping experience involves appreciating local wildlife. From farms to barns and equestrian centres, there are loads of opportunities for your family to get closer to the amazing creatures which we share the planet with.

Of course, while there are many zoo type options which allow you to see a range of animals in a short space of time, you are also likely to spot various forms of wildlife on your walks or rides around the countryside. Try to get your hands on a leaflet or book which lists and describes birds and other animals local to the area, then see how many your family can tick off over the course of your glamping break.

Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom, set in 32 acres of countryside near Love2Stay, is home to spring lambs, goats, reptiles and chickens. Families can get involved with their daily event programmes, which includes bottle feeding animals, egg collecting and the Sheep Steeplechase. The site offers outdoor and indoor play areas.

A night at the movies

Who says that watching a good movie is only restricted to urban areas? Resorts such as Love2Stay – which has its own family-friendly Cinedrome – allow you to unwind after a full day’s activities with a film and some popcorn. It makes a change from battling for ownership of the remote in front of the TV!

There is nothing like taking in a feature attraction on the big screen. If your family glamping break is all about shared experiences, a cinema visit offers the chance to enjoy a film together, rather than breaking off into bedrooms and watching content on a tablet or smartphone. So have a look for some glamping resorts with their own on-site movie theatre.

Mini golf

Even if you don’t have a child prodigy or ‘competitive Dad’ within your family, mini golf still provides heaps of amusement. Removing certain intricacies from the sport of golf – such as driving, chipping, and anything involving a practiced technique – mini golf leaves us with the blast of getting that ball in the hole.

Suitable for children as young as four upwards, each player must putt his or her way to the hole, often negotiating some fun but not forbidding obstacles. Sporting activities offer families the bonding with comes with healthy competition, and as far as family friendly games go, mini golf takes come beating! And the good news is that you can find many glamping resorts within close proximity of mini golf facilities, as well as pitch ‘n’ putt and full courses, for families with more golfing experience.

What does the expert say?

Steph Curtis-Raleigh is the editor of International Glamping Magazine. She has kept a close eye on the family activities offered by various glamping resorts in the UK as glamping has grown over the past decade.

Steph says: “Great activities for family glamping usually involve getting closer to nature. Glamping allows people to reconnect with their environment, therefore nature trails, guided walks or foraging provide a perfect fit. We have seen a rise in popularity of glamping sites providing access to alpacas, which are great to take for walks!

“Resorts can provide an outdoor cooking class, woodland yoga or set up some zip wires and tree top climbing courses. The main thing is to have fun outside, and glamping resorts typically provide somewhere warm for people to congregate as well - or to take shelter if the weather is not so good. “

Love2Stay adventure centre is recognised as one of Britain’s most family-friendly Glamping resorts. Choose from a host of on-site activities – from obstacle courses to restaurants, a chemical-free swimming pool and Cinedrome – as well as local attractions from castles and museums to railways, watersports and farms. 


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