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How Will Glamping Pods Evolve?

Glamping Pods of the future

What was once referred to as a ‘trend’, is now here to stay. Glamping has wooed Britain and become ingrained in its holiday habits; appealing to our love of nature, our enthusiasm for outdoor activities, and our non-negotiable requirement of a good night’s sleep.

The first decade of glamping – which is recognised as having originated in 2007 – is over. But the second glamping decade looks set to redefine what holidaymakers can expect from a luxury camping trip.

It looks certain that Brits will still be glamping in five, ten and 20 years in time. So as we look ahead to the future of glamping, which developments could characterise the next era of glamping pods?

Future of Glamping

One of the most eye-catching signs that glamping is changing is the number of new architectural styles when it comes to accommodation. From the decadent to the weird and wonderful, here are some of the latest varieties of digs available to glampers:

-        Folding pod home –

A combination of the popular pod home and the glamping tree house, folding pod homes have arrived on the scene. Fully automated and transportable, these are elevated pods which ‘fold out’ into a much bigger living space, offering added comfort and enviable vistas. 

-        Baobed sleeping pod –

Treehouse pod

the 992 lb weight of these cleverly designed, cocoon-like glamping pods means that not only are they easily transportable by trailer, but they can also be suspended from trees for the ultimate elevated sleeping experience. If that sounds a little precarious for you, you should know that these sleeping pods can be placed virtually anywhere; from beaches to hill-tops. But don’t expect the space offered by bigger glamping accommodation options!

-        Treehouse 2.0 –

Glamping in treehouse

Glamping has been responsible for the rebirth of the treehouse – from a children’s play area to one of the most in demand luxury outdoor accommodation options. Now glamping ‘treehouses’ are upping their game, offering more living space, smart TVs, bath tubs and wraparound balconies.

-        Archipods –


With an appearance which looks something akin to a cross between a garden shed and a boat, Archipods are the brainchild of British architect Chris Sneesby. His eye-catching design has proved a hit with homeowners who want an garden office or meditation room, but also with glamping resorts as far afield as Maine, USA, which use them to accommodate guests.

Eco-friendly glamping

Ecocapsule pod

One of the development paths which glamping holidays in the UK have taken is hand in hand with eco-friendly tourism. There are several reasons for this synergy. For starters, holidaymakers in love with the outdoors are generally opposed to anything which can damage the environment. Then there is the fact that eco-friendly design often lends itself to rural accommodation settings – after all, who wants to see cabling networks and urban construction materials when out in the wild?

Ecocapsules which offer sustainable ‘smart accommodation’ has been designed to be powered solely by wind and solar energy. This is a style of ‘off-grid’ living which can claim to be completely eco-friendly, but the pods also offer glampers a quality of accommodation which can be compared to that of a hotel.

Future glamping trends

It’s time to stick our neck out, and put forward the glamping trends which we believe could shape the next few years:

Glamping fashion

Glamping fashion

With a whole new movement, comes a subculture entirely of its own. We have seen the emergence of a certain ‘glamping chic’, with clothes ranges designed specifically for a new type of holidaymaker. This area of fashion is set to grow, as brands compete to come up with the coolest looking anorak, cagoule or fleece. Unlike traditional outdoor wear, for which performance can be the ‘be all and end all’, glamping fashion meets glampers’ requirements by not sacrificing ‘cool’ in order to keep warm and dry.

On or offline?

Wifi Glamping

We could see more of a marked divergence between glamping resorts which offer guests the opportunity to undertake a ‘digital detox’, and those which allow us to keep connected. For some, glamping is a form of escapism which can offer a very effective way of switching off from the stresses of daily life while on holiday. For others, a glamping trip can offer a connected alternative to camping, meaning that we don’t need to be uncontactable while enjoying the Great Outdoors. Expect more resorts to fall into either category as the next era of glamping develops.



Bleisure refers to a mix of business and leisure, which sums up the profile of a certain type of glamper. There are those who like to tag on a glamping break to the end of a business trip, giving them a chance to switch off. Some glampers might also find a luxury rural holiday is the perfect way to get ready for forthcoming business activities, giving them the time and space needed to prepare. Bleisure is a wider travel trend which could increasingly impact on glamping.

Glamp & ski

Ski Glamping

Those hitting the slopes no longer need to be confined to hotels we associate with mass tourism. The emergence of ‘glamp & ski’ resorts in both Europe and North America mean that we can spend more time on the mountains, and less time on buses to the slopes or in the queue for a cable car. This opportunity to get closer to the piste looks set to taken up by more skiers in the future, as the ‘no filter’ skiing experience picks up momentum.

So there is our look into the crystal ball to see how glamping’s exciting future could develop. Expect more and more holidaymakers to switch on to the unique joys of a luxury outdoor break.

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