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If You Can Change One Thing About Touring Caravan Sites, What Would It Be?


Here Are a Few Ideas About Touring Caravan Sites to Get You Started.

What Makes a Touring Caravan Site Great?

We’d love to hear your ideas about what makes a good touring caravan site a great touring caravan site. Here are some suggestions taken from our recent survey. 

The Perfect Pitch

When you use a caravan park in the UK, your pitch is your home from home. That means it has to be just right or you’re not going to enjoy your holiday as much as you could. The participants who did our survey had lots of different ideas about what makes the perfect pitch but there were some that several people mentioned.

Pitch Size

First was the size. Nobody wants to be cramped or to feel that their neighbours are practically sitting on top of them, so the pitch must allow plenty of space for your caravan, car, and awning.

Pitch Parking

The size was also a major consideration when it came to parking. Not everyone who uses a touring caravan site will have years of experience and it can be challenging to try and reverse into a smaller spot. A generously-sized pitch that gives you plenty of space to turn and manoeuvre seems to be appreciated by all.

Well-Stocked Shop or Vending Machines

Lots of people mentioned this one. Site shops can be very important to guests and the further away from a town the site is, the more important the site shop. Survey participants said they should be well-stocked and be open at reasonable hours.

If the site is smaller and they don’t have a big enough team to staff a shop, a few people suggested that they could provide a selection of on-site vending machines.

If the location is near a town or city, they could also team up with some local restaurants and takeaways to offer special discounts to site guests.

Concessions on Local Excursions

If the caravan site is in an area where the guests can access lots of local excursions, several people suggested that it would be great if the guests were offered some special deals. Perhaps it would be possible to buy a book of excursions at a promotional price.

Helpful Staff

Some guests are quite happy doing their own thing, especially those with plenty of experience. However, lots of people mentioned that they find it useful to get help and advice from the site staff. Newer users, in particular, were grateful for any assistance, especially when it came to things like hooking up or drainage. 

Quiet or Lively

Some guests wondered if it might be possible to create different areas in the site for couples, families with children and so on. So, if you are a couple looking for some peace and quiet, you could choose the tranquil zone and pitch your caravan there. If you are a family, you could select the lively zone with the entertainment and play areas nearby.

A few people said that there could also be specific areas for the early risers and the night owls so that all have the opportunity to enjoy their holiday but neither group disturbs the other.

Fast and Free Reliable Wi-Fi

This was top of the list for so many people, especially those with children. Not only would this allow guests to keep in touch with what’s happening in the outside world, but it also lets them stream films and shows. Not to mention that if everyone has enjoyed a busy day, the grown-ups can enjoy a relaxed dinner while the kids spend some time with their games.

Immaculate Facilities

This is definitely important to a lot of you. Several people mentioned that high-quality showers and loos are essential. They also wanted them to be spotlessly clean and well maintained.

Good Laundry and Drying Area

The same goes for laundry facilities and drying areas. If you’re a family on holiday for a couple of weeks, there’s going to be plenty of washing so excellent laundry facilities are important.

Designated Areas for Pets and Children

Secure designated areas were an idea put forward by several touring caravan owners. They suggested that there could be an enclosed area where people could book 30 minutes of safe recreation for their dogs. Some people also mentioned something similar for children, saying that the safer and better equipped the play areas, the more likely they are to use the site.

One or two said that the best caravan holidays for families are those that cater to children of all ages. They suggested an indoor fun area where the kids could play if the weather took a turn for the worse.

Lovely Surroundings

This is important to everyone. The surroundings need to look attractive and buildings like the shower block should be well maintained.

Several people said that as well as the natural scenery in the site location, it’s good to have lots of lovely plants and shrubs as it gives the site a bright cheery feel.

Your Turn

Well, those are a few ideas from our survey. We’d love to hear what you think makes for the best caravan sites!

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5/12/2022 2:48:12 PM
9 days ago
Earlier check in times even if it is an earlier check out time gives you more time to do something on the day that you arrive