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Our Top Tips for a Perfect Glamping Picnic


If you’re having trouble getting your family and friends together for a weekend in the woods, try refining your camping techniques to entice them all to join you. Wondering how to do that? Glamping! Glamping is so much fun that everyone will be delighted to come along if you just follow these simple suggestions.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is like camping but it’s much more glamorous. So, instead of making do with the basics, you can have all the fun and excitement of alfresco living but with some luxury glamping goodies thrown in. In other words, you’re bringing the creature comforts of home to the great outdoors.

Here are our top tips to help you create some memorable glamping picnics:

Blankets and Throws

Whatever you do, don’t forget the blankets and throws! This is in addition to the usual essentials like camping chairs, cooler boxes, and so on. Large, soft blankets are always the most popular with wool scoring high on the list. A few cosy throws can completely transform a site into an inviting secret sanctuary in the middle of the woods.

Just drape the blankets and throws over your camping chairs to quickly transform any drab, mismatched seating into something much more stylish and comfortable.

If you’re using benches instead of camping chairs, cover them with the largest blankets you can find so that everyone is comfortable. Your blankets and throws will serve a dual purpose. When evening draws in and it starts to get cooler, your guests can wrap themselves up in the blankets to keep warm.

Comfy Cushions

Bring some cushions because let's face it, camping chairs aren't the most comfortable seats on the planet. Put one on every chair, and your family and friends will thank you profusely for your thoughtfulness. If you’re intending to do some stargazing or admire the sunset, they can be thrown onto a blanket on the ground so you can all get comfortable while lounging.

Heavenly Hammock

Everyone loves a hammock! Once you have it securely in position, decorate it with cushions and blankets to make it look and feel more luxurious. This will be the most sought-after chill spot on the entire glamping site!

Little Touches

To give the dining area a more welcoming feel, throw some matting on the ground and add a vase or two of fresh flowers. Even when you’re eating outdoors, nothing looks more appealing than fresh flowers on the table. Why not go the whole way and take some wireless travel speakers so you can add music?

If the area has a problem with insects, remember to take some food covers and perhaps a stick or two of long-burn garden incense. Citronella is renowned for its ability to keep unwanted visitors at bay and that will make for a much more pleasurable experience for everyone.

Candles, Lanterns and Lights

When it comes to creating a warm atmosphere, lighting is the most important item of all. Place some candles, lanterns, or fairy lights near the entrances of each glamping pod or tent and all around the dining area to create a soft, inviting glow that will enhance the ambience of any gathering. 

Fantastic Feast

If you don’t want to be hanging over the firepit for hours, make sure you do as much prep as possible in advance. Making food ahead of time means that all you have to do when you’re ready to eat is pop it on the grill. Anything on a skewer is always a popular choice. Try Mexican chicken kebabs with refried beans and rice, lamb with fresh tzatziki sauce and pitta bread, prawn and chorizo kebabs, or any other delicious morsels that come to mind. 

Preparing as much as you can beforehand gives the food a great flavour and lets you spend more time with your guests.

Food to Go 

If you’re thinking about a ready-made meal that just needs to be served, try something like a fresh chicken or bean salad. Pop it into some pittas or wraps in the morning and it will be ready to serve later. Add an extra touch to each pitta or wrap by folding it in wax paper and tying it with some rustic twine to make it look attractive. Give it the personal touch by putting everyone's meal in a paper bag and decorating the top with a travel label with their name on it.

Luxury Tableware

Forget about the paper plates and disposables for this one. Bring china plates, real cutlery, and some proper wine glasses. Taking the time to add finishing touches like these creates a warm and hospitable atmosphere that will encourage your guests to stay long after dinner is finished.

Glamping Games

You can’t have a glamping picnic without games! The type of games you choose to entertain your companions will depend on how many of you there are and what sort of games you typically like to play. Card games are popular with everyone, as are the old favourites like charades and croquet. 

If you want to go glamping holiday retro, you could try a sing-song or some stories around the fire.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

This one is really important. Don’t forget the extra-thick hot chocolate and creamy marshmallows for toasting! That’s the perfect way to end your day.

Have a gorgeous glamping time!

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