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The Love2Stay swimming pool, by BIOTOP

We are delighted that our stunning, state-of-the-art natural, chemical free, swimming pool is at the very heart of the amazing new Love2Stay Glamping Resort.

The 432 metre squared natural swimming pool at the centre of the resort has been designed and built by one of our specialist UK partners, Poolscape Ltd in collaboration with multiple RHS Gold Medal winning landscape design practice, MOSAIC. 


Our team have used the BIOTOP latest technology to offer Love2Stay swimmers, crystal clear, chemical free water, which is naturally filtered by our pumps and patented filtration technology. 

The natural pool design also incorporates a stunning 230 metre squared planted regeneration zone filled with specialist water plants including Lilies and a naturalistic marginal zone, which will be planted with British native reeds and rushes to create the appearance of a natural lake at the centre of the resort. The pool is flanked on three sides by a spacious cedar decking edged with soft, textural herbaceous borders.

Natural pools which don’t use harmful chemicals such as chlorine, came to the UK back in early 2000, and there are now many natural pools in private gardens of our clients.  However, this fabulous pool at Love2Stay is one of only a few natural pools which have been designed for public use.

Creating a public space natural swimming pool requires considerable expertise to ensure the clarity of the water is maintained for a larger number of swimmers. At BIOTOP we invented the first commercial natural swimming pools in Austria more than 30 years ago and we are now the world’s market leader, having built more than 5,000 private and public natural swimming pools around the world, including the UK’s first public natural swimming pool in 2015, at the King’s Cross Development in London.

The pool technology for this pool is tailor-made for the water volume and the number of swimmers, to ensure the water remains pure. Our company founder, Peter Petrich, has worked closely with Poolscape on the pool design and we have introduced a completely new, deep water chamber which is hidden at the side of pool, which enables the swimming area to remain at a safe 1.4 metres deep, while still providing naturally purified water.


Many people ask us what the benefits of a natural pool are so here is a list of a few of them.

  • Natural swimming pools are completely chemically free, requiring absolutely no chlorine and does not pollute the environment
  • Natural pool swimming water is pure and feels like silk on the skin. The chemical free water does not cause skin dryness or allergies, breathing problems or damage to your hair as with other chlorinated or chemical swimming pools
  •  Natural swimming pools mimic a crystal-clear mountain lake creating the outdoor ultimate swimming enjoyment
  • The water is purified by a BIOTOP patented biological filter and technology which has been developed and refined over the last 30 years. Impurities are naturally filtered out and bacteria removed.
  • A natural pool, should only need to be filled once in its lifetime unlike a chlorinated pool which has to be emptied at the end of every season, which releases thousands of litres of chlorinated water into the environment
  • A natural pool design blends naturally into the surrounding landscape and becomes a focal feature in a garden
  • Natural pools do not need to be covered in winter and look beautiful all year round
  • The plant regeneration zone provides a rich habitat for wildlife
  • Each pool is a bespoke design to adapt to the conditions and works with the environment of the site. 
  • BIOTOP’s wildlife friendly, water surface skimming system, gently holds wildlife, such as frogs or newts, so they can be released unharmed.
  • Natural Pools are low maintenance, requiring much less maintenance than a chlorinated swimming pool.
  • The costs of running a natural pool are far less than a conventional swimming pool using less power and therefore more ecological


Also we believe our pools become more beautiful every year as the plants in the regeneration zone knit together and grow. So, when you return to Love2Stay for your holiday, you will be able to see how the plants and wildlife just keep on getting get better every year!


We hope you enjoy swimming at one with nature from everyone at BIOTOP!


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