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The rise of glamping in the UK

With Love2Stay’s new and exciting safari lodges now open in the beautiful Shropshire hills, we ask what exactly glamping is, and why the appeal?

Glamping, glamorous camping, boutique camping, luxury camping… call it what you will, this style of camping holds much appeal for modern families, couples and groups alike.

Quite simply, glamping has become so popular because it presents the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors, all without having to sacrifice comfort or luxury in the process!

Camping the traditional way

Once upon a time, taking the family camping was considered an adventure. You spent an entire day preparing all the necessary equipment and packing the car up to the brim. Everyone was so excited. You would arrive at your destination and then the setting up of your camping space would begin.

Of an evening, you would face the task of putting the kids to bed by torch light. After a couple of days the deconstructing of your camping space would begin. Combine this with the reloading of the car which was often like a game of extreme Tetris.

The story doesn’t end here though. There would still be the task of unloading the car once more upon arriving home and storing away all that expensive camping equipment ready for the next “adventure”. Only then could reflection on the wonderful holiday begin.

A modern option

Now imagine this: you pack a bag with the family’s clothes. You all get in the car and head to your destination. No need to assemble your tent as your accommodation is ready and awaiting your arrival.

You unpack your bag and your holiday begins. No need to put the children to bed via torchlight as you have the benefit of lighting and sleep will be comfortable as they snuggle into a lovely warm bed.

Once the children are tucked up and sleeping you can let the stresses of everyday life melt away as you sip your glass of wine in the hot tub and reflect on what a wonderful decision this was to get away for a family adventure.

Welcome to the world of glamping!

A Right Royal Start

Though the term “glamping” may only have appeared in the British vocabulary as recently as 2005, the actual concept is one that goes back much further in time.

In fact, Henry VIII and Francis I of France are recorded as having quite possibly the most extravagant of glamping experiences during The Field of the Gold Cloth, a diplomatic summit in northern France in 1520. With a mere 2,800 tents and marquees erected and fountains running with red wine it may be a tough one to match by todays’ glamping standards, but the concept remains the same… a fusion of being amongst nature with comfort and luxury being at the fore front.

Glamping vs camping

In an age where we seek to de-stress amongst the beauty that nature has to offer, without cutting ourselves off from modern life completely, glamping is the perfect compromise.

What if you could enjoy all the benefits of camping amongst nature but still sleep on a comfortable bed with access to flushing toilets, hot showers and even electricity? Throw in your own private hot tub, large flat screen television and superfast broadband, and camping just got exciting.

No need to pack tents, bedding, airbeds, pillows or anything else that is necessary for traditional camping. No time lost in those precious holiday moments setting up tents. No excess time spent on loading up the car or unloading after. Just arrive to find your accommodation prepared and awaiting you then let the relaxation begin!


Love2Stay’s brand new Glamping Village is the ultimate in luxury camping, with on site:

  • Fitness suite & thermal bath
  • Luxurious spa with bookable treatments
  • Recreational Fishing Lake
  • Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • Mini and junior clubs to delight the kids
  • Natural swimming pool and water gardens
  • FREE Superfast Wi-Fi for guests
  • Secure bike storage and bike wash
  • Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes from beginner to advanced practitioner
  • Army Style Assault Course
  • Cinedrome for family movie nights
  • Children’s natural play zone

All you have to do is turn up and relax. And don’t forget the dog, they are, after all, family too! Dogs are most welcome at Love2Stay with dog showers even provided should they get a little muddy during the days’ activities.

With so much on offer, time saved and nature to enjoy without the loss of luxury it’s quite easy to see why so many are drawn by the appeal of glamping. Why not come and stay with us at Love2Stay and experience the phenomenon for yourself!


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7/27/2019 1:52:36 PM
More than 2 years ago
Fantastic post! I had no idea there was such a thing as ‘glamping’. I’m hoping to travel to the area soon and this is exactly the kind of place I was hoping to find. Definitely at the top of my list!