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Why Hot Tub Holidays are so hot right now.

Hot Tub Breaks: The Stress Buster Holiday


Image: Private Hot Tub at Glamping resort Love2Stay.

We are witnessing the UK’s love affair with the hot tub. While in warmer climes overseas, a pool can be a highly desirable feature at holiday villas and apartments, Britain offers a less tempting environment in which to jump in for a swim.

The hot tub, on the other hand, can be an enticing proposition at any time of year; completely ‘weatherproof’, and just about perfect for a staycation.

The Jacuzzi used to be seen as a luxury item by many, to be found in five-star hotel suites or in the garden of mansions. But that perception has all changed with the rise of the hot tub, which does away with the fancy Italian name, and is capable of packing in more state of the art technology, offering users comfort, relaxation and a soothing aquatic experience.

While the hot tub is more widespread than it used to be, not all of us have the space, or the inclination, to install one at home. Away on holiday, however, they make for the perfect outdoor attraction, and the enjoyment you can receive is not predetermined by the weather, as can be the case with some outdoor pools.

On autumn and winter evenings, step outside of your lodge, cottage or chalet, and into the heavenly sanctuary that is the steaming hot tub.

This is the water-based version of meditation, with the ability to cleanse your mind and reinvigorate your spirits – perfect to mark the end of each day on your UK break. On longer evenings in the spring and summer, you might like to prolong your time in the tub, sipping a cold glass of wine or champagne or listening to music, as the pressures of the everyday grind melt away.

In this article, we look at reasons why hot tub breaks- such as those offered at Love2Stay’s luxury glamping resort - is so suitable for couples, receive some expert insight into how hot tub technology has developed, and look at the health benefits which are another tick in the box for the hot tub. Enjoy!

Hot Tub Breaks for 2: Four reasons why a hot tub is perfect for two

Perhaps a location, and the opportunity it gives us to bond, is never more important than in the case of a romantic break.  From glamping tents with private hot tubs to holiday homes with installations in the garden – the hot tub is fast becoming an essential for couples taking the chance to romance, and here we give you four reasons why:

1.       All about the intimacy – swimming about in the pool can be good fun as a couple, weather permitting, but nothing replicates the intimacy of sharing a hot tub. Offering couples their very own basin of bubbles, a hot tub provides a serene shared experience, while also being uncramped, with space for a little harmless splashing.

2.       Tempting for a tipple – hot tubs are, on the whole, drink friendly, so if enjoying a glass of wine in front of the TV with your other half has become routine, you might welcome the opportunity to unwind in a new ultra-cosy spot. But be warned, hot tubs and broken glass are not a good combination, so be sure to take care when sipping and dipping!

3.      De-stress together – we will look at some of the specific health benefits which hot tubs can provide later on in this piece, but couples should note that outdoor hot water tubs do a great job of recharging the mind and relaxing the body. That’s nice when you are on your own, but alongside your partner in crime, the inimitable stress free sensation provided by a hot tub soak is taken to a new level.

4.       Find your own zone – just because you are sharing a hot tub, doesn’t mean you can’t be off in your own world. At home, we might retreat to a different room to our partner when reading a book or listening to music – a hot tub is the perfect place to enjoy some ‘me time’ without being detached from a significant other.

Hot tub holidays: An expert view

Advances in research and development has meant today’s hot tub is a different proposition to the Jacuzzis of old. We spoke to Megan Kendrick, editor of Spa Retailer magazine, who gave Love2Stay the inside track on the technology leaps which have underpinned the rapid rise in hot tubs’  popularity.

Megan said: “Each year hot tub manufacturers are adding more tech to their models. People want their hot tubs to be efficient and relaxing, and the industry has done a lot in the last 10 years to make gains in those areas. You can now control many hot tubs from your smartphone — checking on the temp and water to make sure it’s ready.

“With LED lights, now users have more options for ‘light shows’ with changing colours. Manufacturers are doing a better job of making sure the seats are more ergonomic so users are more comfortable and the jets massage where they’re supposed to. “

Hot tub health benefits

One of the beautiful things about hot tub breaks in the UK is that they lend themselves more to replenishment and rest, rather than the temptation for excess which a long summer break can often offer! The hot tub is proven to be good for the health, and below we look at some of the main benefits which you can look forward to enjoying:

-          Anxiety reduction

It is the irresistible combination of hot tub effects which is known to be a great stress reliever. From the massage of the jets on a tired body, to the sublime weightlessness which one can feel while floating, and the toasty temperature which is conducive to relaxing muscles – it all adds up to a sure fire way of stripping away any tension in your mind and body.

-          Drift off to sleep

Hot tubs are recognised as being helpful to a restful night’s sleep. That’s because they warm up your body before bed, meaning you don’t have to spend a long time trying to do the job yourself! If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself. Once you’ve had a pre-bedtime soak, you might be surprised just how quickly it becomes an essential routine! Ensure you are getting the sleep you need on holiday by having your hot tub session before lights out.

-          Good for your skin, and appearance

Have you ever noticed the healthy glow in your face when you get out of the hot tub? That’s thanks to the increased circulation which allows nutrients and oxygen to be delivered via the bloodstream. It’s one of the ways in which hot tub breaks can improve your appearance, and by releasing any pent up anxiety and stress, you can also improve your skin by combatting the premature aging. As mentioned above, regular use of a hot tub has shown to lower levels of stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are leading causes of premature aging, which means the hot tub can be a tool to help combat premature ageing.

-          Blood sugar reduction

If you happen to suffer from type 2 diabetes, you might be interested in studies which show that a hot tub session has the ability to your lower blood sugar levels. By providing some of the same effects produced by physical exercise, blood glucose levels can be dropped from 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl by dipping into the hot tub six days a week for 30 minutes. The New England Journal of Medicine published a report on Hot-Tub Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

If you are a fan of glamping, or are keen to see what all the fuss is about, Love2Stay’s luxury lodges can be the best place to enjoy hot tub breaks. Go to to check our availability.

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1/3/2018 3:46:56 PM
More than 4 years ago
I myself along with my children have enjoyed the use of the Hot Tubs and under no circumstances as a responsible parent would I let my children use the facilities unaccompanied. I assume Sioned "supervising" not accompanying means she has put her children and others in vulnerable situations. A simple solution is to have half the hots tubs for adults and other half for all to use that way everyone is happy and more importantly safe as the park aren't obviously enforcing their own rules by allowing children in "supervised yet not accompanied"
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Ken Exley
1/2/2018 5:59:32 PM
More than 4 years ago
With reference to the below comments from Sioned,,,,,, You say that you supervise your children from the terrace as you may well do. However many other guests do.not Some parents will be in the pizza parlour or round the corner at the association area & not in the tubs as the notice implies. Can you elaborate on the comment ( it says more about you ??? ) & I should book somewhere private !!! All I am saying is that should a child or parent make an accusation against a LONE male or female using the communal facility who would be believed, That is why there is child protection legislation to defend and protect both being put into this situation in the first place. I am NOT a jobs worth or rules & regs individual but just a concerned lone traveler.
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1/2/2018 4:44:58 PM
More than 4 years ago
In response to Ken’s comment. I’m also a frequent visitor to LOVE 2 STAY who’s children use the hot tubs, having supervised them from the terrace i have never thought that any other adult feels uncomfortable by the children being around-i think this comment says more about you than the children! Surely if you want to be able to use a hot tub privately then I suggest you book somewhere that allows you to do so, the article is aimed more at the clamping village which has private hot tubs.
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Ken Exley
1/2/2018 3:00:32 PM
More than 4 years ago
Having just read the article about Hot Tubs & the relaxation benefits I totally agree however:- As a regular visitor to LTS I have tried to use the communal Hot Tubs by the natural pool. But the use of them by children & teenagers who should be supervised by adults as per signage has made myself feel uncomfortable being in this environment with unsupervised or supvised children of all ages. The children use the Hot Tubs as extended play areas from the pool & make the experience far from relaxing. My point is why can't the Hot Tubs be for adults 18+ only as there are more than enough activities available for children / teenagers & in turn adults will not to be made to feel vulnerable as well as the children in a confined environment area. I raise this issue to protect adults & others including LTS as a duty of care for protection issues & accusations. I have previously raised my concern to the duty manager of the day.